An artist of any kind needs a platform to get the reviews required for their work, be it painting, theatre, music, making portraits and more. You need a place that can foster your talent and provide you with the encouragement required to make your work better with its reviews. What you need to be looking for is a theatre where your work can be seen by the right audience, and a theatre which can provide you the right platform and the tools to showcase your talent in the right manner and under the perfect settings. You can think of the Blue Theatre, which gives you an opportunity to hire the space you require to showcase your talent. You are able to become a member at a nominal fee and can create a performance work which is new at any stage. There are no limitations; you can be a director, performer, publicists, and tech-savvy individual. You find that joining Blue Theatre can be done at any stage of your career as we are able to provide a springboard for new work and also new ideas. You need to fill up a form online or you can also avail the option of calling on the telephone number given on the website.


Dog portraits made memorable


As all pet lovers are aware our pets tend to leave an unforgettable paw print in our memories and to get this captured in a portrait forever is something we would all cherish. You can think of a pet portrait, or, rather, a dog portrait as a perfect way in which we can commemorate your beloved furry friend. You can think of gifting this to a near one or even get one for yourself as this is definitely a treasure for a long time. Getting a custom pet portrait is something we all desire, especially if we are pet lovers. A personalized dog portrait which is affordable is readily available on our website.


Painting Dog Portraits is an art


Capturing the right expression of your loved dog is not as easy as it seems. There are certain tips to be followed to get the right look of your pet. There are multiple species of dogs and each one of us might have a different one, so you need to make sure your dog does not look like a mix of two or more breeds. You need to know that specific backgrounds to the portraits make all the difference to its looks and presentations. You can get a graphic design prepared first before you actually give the green signal for the portrait to be painted. The portrait needs to be painted only after the initial layout is finalized. There was a time when you needed to get the portraits painted with the subject sitting live for endless hours, but due to the paucity of time, you always find that dogs cannot sit for hours and they are unable to express themselves.


What to look for in a service providing dog portraits


You need to look for services which can provide you with the required error-free portrait of your dog,so that it can create an everlasting impression on all and sundry. You have these portraits done by combining several painting elelments into a pet portrait. This seems to work perfect especially if a close one has lost his/her pet in the recent past. This works as a perfect investment if not a replacement for the actual dog your friend or family has lost. Only an experienced artist who has the basic skills about sjetch, fine lines, color combinations, style and setting of the background to the portrait, can actually contribute in making a dog’s portrait come alive.


The Different Prices of the dog portraits


You find the prices varying in accordance to the sizes of the canvas used, not forgetting the paints.

  1. The prices differ depending on whether the portrait is done in acrylic or oil paint.
  2. The size of the canvas.
  3. The price finally depends on how complex the painting is.

You need to make your choice of the canvas depending on the position where you want to hang the portrait. This can be discussed if you are confused. You can also find different prices if the painting includes more than one pet or a background which is complex in nature.   You can ask for a quote once the image of your pet is viewed by the artists. The time taken will be approximately a fortnight. You have the freedom to call or even e-mail if you need to add any more specifications to your requirement. Your order can be secure4d once you have provided a written confirmation along with the initial deposit.


Choose between Acrylic and Oil Painting


A dog portrait can be done in oil paints or acrylic paints; it is a personal choice. Though you do find that oil portraits have been in demand for an extremely long time, but both can look equally good, though you find that oil painting has a certain amount of prestige attached to it. You can think of acrylic paints if you need your portrait in a short span of time as these tend to dry up faster as compared to oil paints. Though you find that if the artists use oil colors, he/she can use more colors as these tend to dry slower and they can be found in layers. You will find that oil paintings work out a little more expensive when compared to acrylic paintings.


The total cost of the paintings


As said earlier, the prices vary in accordance to the paints used and also the size of the canvas, but you can think of free shipping. You can get this information when you contact us on the phone or e-mail us. You do get a portrait which is warmer and lively as compared to the image you have sent us. You can think of making your payment via PayPal or contact the website who can help you out. Contact us on our website and get all the information you require for dog portraits.